Top #15 best blogging statistics that makes you proud

Struggling to fit your business into the blogging community?
Wondering if you were wasting time blogging?
Do you think that blogging is not going to work for your business?

If you are going to answer YES to any of these questions, you need to understand the following two points:

  • Never give up early in the blogging business.
  • The game has taken a twist in the past two years.

Giving up early would be the worst decision that one could take. And the need for attention has become tougher and tougher more than you expect it to be. If you are going to take content marketing a joke then you would definitely suffer to survive the big crowd.

But that is not the end note. Today’s blog is going to help you out with some of the important statistics that you need to commit to your blogging. And nothing is going to be tougher with commitment.

Top 15 important statistics that are going to make you proud

Blogging Statstics

Let us explore blogging that helps you to focus and get back on foot. Do not break in between, I will explain you some of the important statistics that are going to interest you.

#15. 60% of marketers suggest content creation is the highest inbound marketing priority (Source: HubSpot)

It is supposed to be!

We all know very well that content generation has become the most important aspect of inbound marketing. That is why most marketers have adapted this into their business without hesitation. This has led to blogging need.

That is really true. Any kind of business definitely needs blogs and that should be a regular process. Every piece of a keyword you use is going to enter into someone’s mind to answer their questions.

#14. 70% of customers believe that businesses behind content are good at building relationships (Source: TMG Custom Media)

Good business depends on good relationships. Businesses that are reliable on this factor tend to build a strong marketing realization.

I believe that even customers rely on businesses to have a strong communication with them using the content. That is not going to make a huge effort.

#13. Around 52% of marketers shows interest in generating content to adjust to customer’s journey (Source: Contently)

This is the real importance of content marketing: The ability to track the complete process of engaging someone as perspective, converting them into a customer and finally, to a crazy fan.

Hence your blog acts as the opportunity to trap people into your boundary. And that your solution turns to be the only ultimate solution for them.

#12. Social media sharing adds credibility to your blogs (Source: Social Marketing Writing)

Taking advantage of social media platforms is the essential way to achieve success. Make your masterpiece content as something that lightens twitter, polarizing Facebook, and knocks down business minds on LinkedIn. This is how you could make your content shared among your followers.

#11. 63% of followers compare blogs with various authors in order to be more authentic (Source: Social Marketing Writing)

Most authority sites have become more credible as they offer contributions of multiple authors. Variations in perspectives, wide range of topics and an impactful way of contributing towards the main conversation in the market make you blog an authentic source of information for your audience.

#10. Headline length of maximum 6-9 words gathers consistent traffic (Source: HubSpot)

The most important aspect of blogging relies on titles and that is the important factor that pulls viewer’s attention. Did you notice the title of this post and its word count? Yes, that is how you need to maintain in order to generate a decent traffic towards your content.

#9. 90% of blog leads are through old posts (Source: HubSpot)

You need to keep this mind, when you are generating content, you are creating it to potentially influence for the years to come. To make this happen you can link your posts to some of the most trending and evergreen topics in your market. You can even connect it with the problems, as your blogs could answer them instantly. Do you know the constant problems in your market?

#8. 23% of time spent online is highly focused on social networks and blogs (Source: Mashable)

Hope the title explains you better. Almost a quarter of the social networks time is spent on social media and blogs. And some of your important customers are reading someone else’s blog. Which obviously is not yours.

#7. Blogs are the 5th most trusted source of precise online information (Source: Search Engine People)

So, it means anyone can have a blog. But “TRUST” Is the most important factor that you need to gain from your audience. How to gain trust? It is that simple you need to give away authentic and original content. This would help people to return to you for the authentic information that you provide them.

#6. It is found that small business that blog obtain 125% of leads from those that fail to (Source: Think Creative)

Experts have suggested that paid traffic could help way better than blogging. But such statistics are hard to comment on. Thus, I would suggest you, have a blogging page as a combination to gather organic leads.

#5. 506% of Twitter users are likely to comment and review blog posts (Source: Associated Press Poll)

You should never underestimate the power of social platforms. Especially when it comes to Twitter’s microblogging you need to have a special concentration. Twitter is the best platform for blogs, you need to be very careful in rendering a perfect post at least once that your followers could tweet. You could make your blog quite interesting by adding a few quotes and useful statistics about your industry.

#4. Nearly 70% of consumers are likely to read the content of their favorite companies (Source: CMA)

If you are giving away valuable and informative content to read, your consumers are likely to obtain them. A blog is the cheapest and the risk-free source to make your readers come to you and have a conversation with the company.

#3. Around 60% of marketers are likely to repurpose content 3-5 times (Source: Contently)

Repurposing the content is one of the purposeful ways of improvising your traffic. You could get it repurposed for the sake of testing and refining topics. This could be done around 3-5 times on a specific topic.

#2. 96% of B2B buyers expect content from experts of a renowned company (Source: Demand Gen Report 2016)

You would have come across the recent trends when it comes to blogging. Added leadership, quality, power and stability of a blog minds the outstanding performance of a blog. You need to take care of all these in order to stand ahead of the crowd.

#1. Even one single compounding blog could increase traffic (Source: HubSpot)

Compounding content which is also called the “Pillar content” Ranks the most and retains traffic, comments, and shares. You would look like someone who is leading the universe. A “Compounding” Post is not necessarily to be the best post of yours.
If you are performing good you will be intimated by your audience. YES, your audience engages your content and make it really valuable when you have given them the best of yours. All you need to do is listen to your audience and then create accordingly.

With these statistics now, you are all set. You have all that you need to do. Carry your online business to the next level with the key strategies that build top-of-mind status for your audience. This might take away a long time for you to achieve but determination along with right strategy can help you win your audience’s attention.

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