How to have a navigation setup of your choice: Users guide for startups

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Willing to have your users for a long time on your website? Then you need to have content that is easy to navigate. If people are going to find it difficult to gather information on your website then they would definitely leave your site for a better choice.

The website that is easy to navigate will surely bring long visits and increase conversion rates. And that is the ultimate goal of your business to generate sales and leads for your business, which is really essential.

It is very important to have two main navigations which are the side and the top. The best of them depends on the content that you have on your website. Let us dive in deep in this topic which would help you understand on different types of navigations and why are they important and how it would work or may not work for your business.

Especially if you are a startup company, then this post would help you to design a website that is much easy to navigate through its information. These are strategies that are used by experts from renowned Business Startup Consultants and whose ideas are still a remarkable one.

Top navigation:

If you are not having too many menu options on your page then top navigation would be the best option. Many times users are inclined to read left to right, top to bottom. It is good to place a navigation label at the top horizontal line of the page to be familiar enough and feel natural to user’s eyeballs. You can have “top-level” pages or pages that very important on your navigation bar.

Side navigation:

Vertical menus will do not help you in a better way. Because it is common that huge content can cover the vertical menus.

If your site has long lists of menu items and you wish to use it on vertical navigation make sure that you break them into categories. Nevertheless, if your content is bound to long by categories and information you need to opt for Mega Navigation Setup.

Mega navigation:

If your site is more into content a mega navigation setup is needed to make it accessible to your visitors. It is appealing enough and lures users with a lot of organized options. If you are giving away a lot of products on your site in different categories then mega navigation setup is your best option.

No matter what kind of navigation you use, it is necessary to maintain a consistent style on all pages, visually familiar and concise.

Try to be more descriptive and specific in using your navigation style and put wear on user’s shoes. Ask yourself what encounter you like to have when perusing an online store for items or administrations. What have you observed to disappoint while exploring a page, and what changes would you have made?

The navigation setup should be more of satisfying your users and help them where they wanted to be easy. When user experience is your top priority you will be successful in holding your customers to your site and even convert them as your customers.

If you are designing an all-new website they make sure to stick to these following rules. You need to be more consistent enough on your website that your users could easily identify you and get used to your website. Make sure to develop your website more user-friendly and responsive to grab your users attention. You need to find a creative web design company to come up with a neat and a creative website for your business.

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