Google’s I/O 2018 on perfect action

I have never seen Google so intensive with its experiments. And it is really going to be mind-blowing this year with Google I/O. Google has come up with a lot of improvements on Google Android and Google Assistant this year. So let us dive in deep to know what are the advancements that Google has introduced in the three-day conference at Shoreline Amphitheatre, California.

What is Google I/O 2018?

The Google I/O 2018 is an international conference where Google announces its hardware, software and other updates on its apps and services. The Googlers across the world are invited for the Google’s conference. This year Google I/O took place at Shoreline Amphitheatre, California from May 8th to May 10th.

Now let us have a look at the special attributes of the Google I/O 2018 conference.

The Android P:

The Android P was expected to have a greater contribution to this conference and that happened the same as expected. Google has come up with a lot of ideas on Android P based on the wider focus on machine learning.

Let’s see something more about Android P and the key new features that Google has evolved.

Google cares about your digital wellbeing:

Google has analyzed that an average human being spends most of the time on mobile phones and they find it hard to put it down. In order to help users and considering their well being a new dashboard named the Android Dashboard was furnished to help users know how long they use their mobile phones. Provided there is another timer system which is named the shush feature that turns on the “Do Not Disturb” functionality.

Now moving onto machine learning, Android P is about to utilize AI in various innovative forms.

The adaptive battery:

Google has come up with the latest techniques that improve battery life through optimization. This featured is developed by partnering with Deep Mind and it is designed to exert power to applications as Android P is clear about the apps that you actively use.

The adaptive brightness:

The Adaptive brightness looks at your habits to adjust the brightness relying on the various environmental and eventual aspects. The ultimate plan is to avoid you from manually changing things.

The app standby buckets:

The terminal cause for the invention of App Standby Buckets is to keep battery consumption at the minimum. The standby buckets differentiate between apps based on their usage time. Apps that do not get limited access to the system resource as they need to.

The newly redesigned launcher:

The newly redesigned launcher is developed based on the gesture-based navigation system. Whenever you wipe your screen from down to up it takes you to the recent apps which are now a carousel. You might wonder what would AI do?

You will be able to find suggestions on top of the carousel based on your regular app use. Google calls the above-stated app action and figures out what to be placed. These were the things that Google focused on and the other improvements include screenshot controls, improved volume and much more on Android P. Google is working with component makers to make sure a smooth launch of Android P. And Qualcomm has already optimized its chip for Android P.

Now let us get back on track. Let’s peep into the other advancements that Google has launched in the Google I/O 2018.

Google Assistant:

Google I/O 2018 conference had a lot to reveal to its users including the company’s advancements and the existence of Google Assistant AI Service. One of the interesting additions to Google Assistant is the six new voices. To our surprise, both male and female voices are now available as options. Users can make use of the different voice assistant to reply to different family members.

Google Assistant I/O 2018

It is expected that the future updates will bring a more natural conversation to be used with the AI. One of the updates is called the Continued Conversation. This will avoid the user from repeating “Hey Googe” or “Ok Google”every time. The other important aspect is to create personal routine started by a custom phrase. If Google Assistant hears the word “PLEASE” in the command then it responds stating “Thanks for saying please” or “What a nice way to ask me”. This encourages the user to be more polite and interactive to the assistant.

Google Maps:

Even Google Maps are expecting an advancement. The most interesting factor about this is the integration of the camera. In a nutshell, The camera integrated Google maps will show you in which way you need to travel. It just not stops where you think. There is something more than that. You will also find overlays of important information such as showing you marks of interest.


You will also have a better experience with the visual positioning system. When you are not able to access through GPS, VPS will activate your phone’s camera and Google’s extensive back-end data to analyze your surroundings to identify your location with greater accuracy.

Google Photos:

Google photos are also obtaining several new advancements. When you take a photo with your smart device, Google photos allow you to edit that photo. You can perform any editorial activity such as crop, improve brightness and even apply filters easily.

In an upcoming update, you will be able to colorize even black and white photos. And with the integration of AI, you can even colorize any specific region on the photo by selecting the region. You can edit your images with just one tap on the photo. Google photos are now capable of scanning physical photos and digitizing them.

Wrap up:

To give away a brief note on all new updates that Google launched at the Google I/O conference, I have framed this post. You will notice a lot more advancements in the following days. There are a few more updates that Google has announced in its conference. You could find them visually at Google’s official events page.

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