Google says goodbye to anonymous reviews on Google My-Business

Google stopped counting on anonymous reviews:

It seems Google has stopped counting on anonymous reviews on Google My-Business towards the business overall rating. This was actually noted by two individuals who posted about it on Twitter.

Google stopped counting anonymous reviews

The individuals have noticed that anonymous reviews were disappearing from client’s Google My Business pages. In the tweet, they have further mentioned that from May 24th it is reported that anonymous reviews stopped counting on the total rating, but the reviews were still noticed and were visible when someone clicked through the review.

Google is no more to display anonymous reviews:

By May 28th a different user has stated that the Google My Business has stopped displaying anonymous reviews completely.

Google completely stopped counting anonymous reviews

Before I could post this information, I decided to check a few GMB pages and was able to notice the same changes as tweeted by the two users. Indeed I was not able to review all pages but a few.

But this move of Google is an interesting one. Now, this brings all other local review sites on track. Review sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor also follow the same process on review submissions.

Though there is no authentic proof about this move by Google, I would definitely tell anonymous reviews were so far a nightmare for most businesses this is because no individual’s name would be added to the comment. But allowing only registered reviews could build trust. In a business perspective, it helps to businesses know that who has dropped a review. In case, if a regular customer leaves a negative about the service or the product then it obviously helps the business to correct them next time when the customer visits back.

Wrap up:

Thus, this is doesn’t bother any of the business growth, yet it could help businesses to perform better understanding the needs and experience of a genuine customer. Alongside, there is no way to spamming content on the Google My-Business page. I would definitely say it is an appreciable step taken by Google towards the business page.

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