mobile app security

How to enhance mobile app security?

Mobile application these days have obtained a vast scope and businesses have built and integrated their own mobile app in order to reach 90% of their audience. Though the need for mobile applications has arisen widely, it is really required to take care of the security. Mobile app development companies that build mobile apps for […]

Google I/O 2018 Conference

Google’s I/O 2018 on perfect action

I have never seen Google so intensive with its experiments. And it is really going to be mind-blowing this year with Google I/O. Google has come up with a lot of improvements on Google Android and Google Assistant this year. So let us dive in deep to know what are the advancements that Google has […]

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg breaks his silence on “#deletefacebook” movement.

Mark Zuckerberg will no more stay silent on the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the “#deletefacebook” movement. After a weeks’ time, Mark had decided to reply to Brian Acton’s Tweet on Twitter. Facebook has pledged to take serious steps on the scandal and to protect user data. Mark has also claimed that he is ultimately responsible […]