Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg breaks his silence on “#deletefacebook” movement.

Mark Zuckerberg will no more stay silent on the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the “#deletefacebook” movement. After a weeks’ time, Mark had decided to reply to Brian Acton’s Tweet on Twitter. Facebook has pledged to take serious steps on the scandal and to protect user data. Mark has also claimed that he is ultimately responsible […]

Brian Acton - #deletefacebook

It is time to #deletefacebook says Brian Acton @brianacton

It was really shocking to hear it from a Facebook Insider. Brian Acton, the co-founder of WhatsApp has recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account that included a hashtag “#deletefacebook”. Being one of the executives at Facebook premises, Brian’s tweet has created a big shock to people around the world. Let me explain you […]