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I knew how it feels when you generate content for a blog that is not bothering anyone.

Am able to understand how it feels when someone generates tons of content that no one reads.

That’s a harsh truth that nobody could digest. Yet, that should be accepted.

Even I have come across such disappointments earlier, but that does not put me back from generating content. I started to explore the best ways to generate content that really bothers people.

I wanted to share some of them in this post. Sit back and have a look at them to improve your content style.

Let me begin with some of the ideal rules that one should know while generating content.

Many are lazy at developing a lengthy content. If you are really interested in developing the best content, then you should be able to generate lengthy content.

Lengthy content doesn’t mean that you could write anything to fill in space. The 2000 words should contain enough information that satisfies your readers.

Never fail to insert relevant images, right keywords, compelling headline and error-free content. These are things that should be highly noticed.

And if you are not able to keep them on track then, let me help you with generating content that involves all these.

Let’s Get Started!!!

You could make use of a bunch of free resources that could make your content generation process more simple and effective.

Almost 25% of marketer’s budget depends on blogs. And that is why you need to be regular at generating quality content, promotion, and updating of content. This could be a tough task until you find the perfect resource.

Let me display a few free resources that can help you with content generation


This is one of the best tools to know and understand on the competition of the keywords that you use. You can even make use of this tool to check how your posts are performing.


Buzzsumo calculates the performance based on the number of shares on social media.

To know how it works all you need to do is,

Visit the website and enter the keyword on the search tab and click the search option. Buzzsumo renders you a list of related posts. You could find its response on social media in the results. To make it more comfortable I have shared a screenshot on how it works.


In the above example, I have entered a relevant keyword according to my requirement.

You can enter a keyword according to your need and find its competitiveness. By this, you can understand your competitors and create similar content. Include this tool to the ideation process that you can generate content that best attracts the audience.

Readability tool:

Readability is the ultimate cause that allows users to stay on your page. If your content is not good enough to read then people will automatically leave your post nor return to read any of your blogs. This is where you need to check your content readability.

There are various tools that are used to check readability and I have seen people using them according to their requirement. When it comes to my opinion I prefer Hemingway Editor as the best tool to check content readability.

Many of us always try to include words that let people think that we are smarter than them. But that is not the way how it works. People might get irritated on using such words.

Everyone prefers reading elementary level content. And that is what you need to present them. In order to make sure that the content that you produce is up to the mark, you need to make use of this tool.


This tool checks the following things to make sure that the content meets the readability standards,

  • Adverbs meeting the goal of 2 or fewer
  • Passive voice meeting the goal of 2 or fewer
  • A phrase with a simpler alternative
  • Sentence hardness
  • Sentences very hard to read

Your content will be measured with grades. If your content ranges from 4-8 Grades then your content is Good enough. If it exceeds 8 then you need to improve your content readability.


No one is good in grammar skills.

It is common that we all make mistakes. In spite of generating numerous content even, I fail at times.

In order to help us in such circumstances, we can make use of certain resources that help us to stay on track. These resources are available at free of cost. I would like to introduce a tool that makes writing a better experience.

Grammarly, a free grammar checker tool that easily eliminates grammatical errors and helps you with error-free writing. By using this tool, you could eventually avoid unwanted online trolls or even annoying comments. This might even end up in killing your business.

All you need to do with Grammarly is, paste the content that you type in the Grammarly tab and check for grammatical errors. Grammarly points out errors with a red mark on clicking them you could find the correct word to be entered.

To make it still better, you could even install Grammarly extension on your browser.


Best free headline analyzer:

Headlines are the best attention grabbers.

Attractive headlines grab more attention. If you are capable of generating wonderful headlines then you are on the right track. If you are poor at it, NO WORRIES! I can help you.

If you are looking out for a resource that can help you with generating awesome titles. Then I would prefer free headline analyzer from coschedule.

This is a wonderful tool that provides you analysis of headlines you generate. With this analysis, you could understand how good the headline works in attracting your users as well as the search bots.



The above example shows how attractive and interactive is the title. With these suggestions, you could better titles for your content.

With all these resources now, it becomes really simple to generate efficient content. Once you have generated efficient content, it is always good that you take care that there is no copied content on your blog.

To make sure that your content is free from plagiarism then you could make use of the following tool.

Que Text – Plagiarism checker:

Que text is a perfect tool that can help you with detecting plagiarism in your content. There are chances of repeating the same texts on your blog as you refer them from your resource.

In order to, overcome this drawback, you could make use of the Que text tool. The tool offers a deep search of your content to make sure that your entire content is unique.

This avoids you from penalties that any search engine poses on copied content.


Wrap up:

Creating blogs with best statistics that your readers trust and show attention might be a difficult task. It is not going to be the same any longer. Make use of these tools that you could generate awesome, error-free unique content.

Never fail to use any of these tools as they are really essential in generating wonderful content.

If you find the results are great never hesitate to let me know about it.

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