The most awaited e-commerce trends of 2018

It is half past 2018 and if you are still trying to find the best strategies that would work for your e-commerce business, then this is the right post that you have clicked in. I have come up with the most awaited e-commerce trends of 2018. This post would definitely help you to build your business effectively and bring you better sales this year. Would you be interested to know what would be those amazing trends of 2018?

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Trend #1: Chatbots:

What is chatbot?

In a nutshell, a bot is a software that is capable of performing an automated task. But here we concentrate on the bots that rely on the chat platforms which are so-called the chatbots.

Types of chatbots:

Chatbots vary according to its performance and based on the purpose for what they are designed.
The following are the three different types of chatbots.

  • Scripted
  • Intelligent
  • Application

– Scripted chatbots: 

With scripted chatbots conversations have a predetermined path. You need to be very clear and specific about what you need. Because based on your entries the rest of the discussions proceed as these paths are predetermined ones.

– Intelligent chatbots: 

These intelligent chatbots are implemented with artificial intelligence that they may be more flexible to respond to user’s input. They are sequenced to reply in various aspects in collaboration with artificial intelligence. Though these bots could perform well their intelligence is accessible to certain limits.

– Application chatbots:

Application chatbots are nowhere different from the other two categories. But how do application chatbots differ from the scripted and the intelligent chatbots? It is just a simple graphical interface that differentiates application bot from the others. Thus, when a user interacts with a bot the graphical interface shows up with the integration of the platform.

How does a chatbot help?

The following are some of the examples of chatbot applications that are picked out to help you understand its importance.

  • A restaurant that allows its customers to place their order from a chatbot either from home or at the store.
  • A retail store offering promotions to its customers in the shopping mall through chatbots.
  • Chatbots help customers make e-commerce purchases.
  • A chatbot is programmed to answer customer service questions.
  • A chatbot allows customers to book flight tickets or make inquiries at the airport.

Trend #2: Mobile commerce:

What is mobile commerce?

Mobile commerce provides a chance to buying and selling of goods and services through mobile devices. The mobile commerce is typically considered as the next-generation e-commerce. On the other hand, m-commerce is not just buying and selling goods or services, rather it could vary according to the needs. The m-Commerce includes the following processes either,

1. Purchase on mobile apps
2. M-banking or money transfer
3. Mobile payments
4. Mobile financial services

I would like to highlight a few things that shaped the strength of mobile e-commerce.

Google penalized the sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. Since Google was able to understand the importance of mobile usage, it further released the update that made mobile-friendliness prior.

POS retail through mobile, brick and mortar companies tried to fill the gaps between online customers and the ones who search for discounts while in-store.

Mobile commerce revolution: Have you ever imagined a website completely immigrating to a mobile app? One of the famous e-commerce websites has shifted from desktop view to mobile app version. You will be able to recognize the impact of a mobile-friendly website through this.

There are a few more advantages and impacts that mobile commerce has, and one among them is the mobile marketing. If one is capable enough to understand how to implement the marketing techniques then he is the master of m-commerce. But that definitely involves immense time and research.

Before you could proceed, make sure that you invest more time in yourself to process these strategies one by one so that you could perform better in the competitive market.

Trend #3: Cross-channel integration:

Cross-channel integration is providing endless experience across a combination of various channels. So that would be highly comfortable for users to interact with the store more frequently and efficiently. Now, let us have a look at some of the benefits of a cross-channel platform.

As mentioned earlier, cross-channel integration brings in more engagement. It is good as well as common that responding to your customers through email when you walk in the morning. But, with the cross-channel platform, you will be able to interact with your customers at any point of the day. This helps you to stay in contact with your customers which indeed builds trust.

Maintaining loyalty and trust is really more important than any other strategies. You could obtain it through constant texts. With cross-channel integration, it also becomes more simple and easy for you to respond to your customers instantly across all platforms.

When putting together cross-channel integration is an efficient tool that builds up any e-commerce business. If you are trying to make use of any recent trends then you should be definitely trying cross-channel platform for a definite improvement in your business.

Trend #4: Video content:

We are almost in an era where everything is visualized. Analysts have claimed that video content plays better than any other form of content. Understanding the real value of video content people started to invest more in it.

For example, consider a mobile website that offers different new mobiles at best price. People would definitely reach the website for the discounts that the website offers. But it gets more crispy when the website is provided with some essential video content about the unboxing of mobiles or a specification video. This adds up value and restricts the time that a user spares to obtain the catalog of the mobile.

Video content will really help your customer from being helpless. And they would find it more comfortable to return to you very often regarding the content that you provide them.

Wrap up:

The above-mentioned trends are the most effective ones that can build your e-commerce business to a greater extent. You could get all these trends implemented on your e-commerce business and fleet your business. Never fail to let us know your success stories.


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